Introducing: Hannah Slavin wows us with her lo-fi debut ‘Daydream’

Leeds-based songwriter and artist Hannah Slavin has dropped her debut single, and it has sent us spinning. Daydream is a perfectly position piece of lo-fi alt-pop. It gives the listener a satisfying hit of nostalgia whilst retaining a well balanced, contemporary arrangement that would sit happily in any alt-pop playlists. If this debut single is anything to go by 2018 is destined to be a great year for Hannah Slavin.

“‘Daydream’ is a mixture of soulful-electronic and R’n’B. I wanted to make this song feel like you were living in a daydream, so the production is mixed with chilled piano lines, swells, and echoes, which makes you feel like you’re being transported into your own imagination. The concept behind the lyrics is basically all the thoughts that go on inside your head which you never really tell anyone else about.


The idea is that you’ve realised that you’ve wasted your time being with someone who never really put you first, you were just a fragment of their imagination and they liked their idea of you better than the reality. ‘Do you ever think of me?’ is the key line in the song, and links everything back to the daydream concept, wondering if they think about you still.”


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