International duo Tuvaband stun on expansive new record ‘Mess’

Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser and Simon Would are Tuvaband, an international alternative-indie duo who stack vocals and submerse instrumentation in deep reverb chains to create expansive soundscapes. With millions of Spotify streams to their name, Tuvaband are going from strength-to-strength; their new single ‘Mess’ is an extension of their signature sound – restrained in the number of elements, the track builds on a simple but effective arrangement, building to an emphatic chorus.

“Mess is the first song we ever made together, and is actually the start of us being a duo. It’s been a demo since 2014, and we have been trying to re-record it over a long period of time. We really liked the demo, so we found it challenging to make it sound as nice and raw as the demo. We are very happy to finally be able to share it.” – Tuvaband


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