Chatterbox: Ben Alessi

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello hello! Well I’m a twenty-one year old Libra from Buffalo, NY – home of great chicken wings and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. I picked up guitar and piano around eight or nine and always loved to sing – I remember belting my heart out during church choir and elementary school recitals for allll to hear. And ever since then the stage felt like home. I began writing around thirteen and recorded these little bedroom demos on some chunky, old Dell desktop – drawing inspiration from artists like Bjork and Kate Bush to Bob Marley or Amy Winehouse.

By fifteen I saved up enough to buy a laptop and began my long lasting relationship with ‘Logic’ – locking myself away for hours every night exploring the software and recording more and more. Eventually I was producing and creating enough out of my writing to release my own little album for some friends in high school. A few months go by and I get this call from a publisher & label house in New York City named BHco (Big House Companies). They got a hold of the record and next thing I knew I was living in the city, writing and performing on a whole new level. About two years in now and I’m finally learning to understand my place in this city – feeding off of the work and passion that lives around me. As an artist and as a writer/producer, there’s really never a dull moment here.

Where did the new single come from?

Though I produce as well, for my first EP, it seemed really cool to me to collaborate with other artists too.  I was presented with a bunch of tracks – and I remember getting the track from Thomas Strom and immediately began vibing on it. The first thing that stuck was a line I sang into my voice memo app, “comin up rin tin tin, biting”. Blooming from that idea came this kind of aggressive idea towards independence, looking back on everything and realizing where I was at as an artist in this industry. The song lives in this seemingly fantasy world, but is also still very tangible for me. I was meeting with labels and starting to really grasp the business that I had stepped into. So I had a notion towards this celebratory anthem for all that is here in front of me, the work, fun, pain, craziness of ‘the come up’, and what is still to come.

Is there more content in the pipeline? 

Since I am a bit of a studio rat you can definitely expect more content very soon. Before releasing my debut EP ‘Prssr’ on the 18th, I’ve been writing at Big House nonstop for about two years – working with rostermates like Jon Moodie or other outside writers and producers like REO or Albin Tjernberg.  It’s so inspiring to be around such creative people in an extremely conducive space to develop and do what I love. Yes please — definitely stay tuned…

What’s on the horizon for you?

My busy brain is always thinking “What’s next? What else?” and my number one priority is to just continue writing, producing, releasing new work, and perform whenever and wherever I can. After playing the Billboard Hot 100 Festival recently I just want to dive in head first and commune more and more with my fans – and those who may not know who I am. Like all artists, I think, the goal is  constant conversation between me and my listeners. I can’t give away all the secrets right now for what is next to come, but I can promise you there will be much more to see and hear very, very soon.


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