Chatterbox: Agency

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

We are an act from the USA that started over the last year, schooled in all genres of music and not afraid to expand the boundaries of sound and style. We don’t disclose much about our personal lives or what we look like because we want to eschew the current trend of becoming popular based upon what you look like, what clothes you like, what you eat for breakfast etc… this attitude may either make or break us but we want our act to be about the MUSIC and not about US as people or a brand. We have been schooled in music individually on separate paths and came together via mutual interests.

Where did the new single come from?

This new single is a departure for us… for one, using an expletive is not our thing, but for some reason it just seemed to work. We got into “character” on this, as any actor would. The song is a bit of an autobiographical one (so here is where we are sharing something personal without showing you who we are physically)… it’s about a false relationship where they guy, the lead character, realizes that he has been a puppet and not appreciated.

This song is from an upcoming album called PHILOSOPHIES. Truth is, we have an album coming out this Friday (24 August) called “RESIST” that is a political album. It’s a concept album, really, based upon the current political climate in the USA with the president and racism and all the injustices. This album RESIST was started shortly after the first “Muslim ban” (the song DESIRE was written the day after the ban was showcased by the “president”)… and the rest just came over the next month or so. But being artists unable to stand still, we have gone on to record more music (see below) and this song WARN ME NEXT TIME comes from the desire to make some fun music since it was summertime.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Ah yes, indeed! Truth be told, we have four more albums done and a few EPs and a slew of club remixes. Sounds like we might be a bit manic but when you hit a creative high, you need to keep going with it. After the album IDENTITY (our debut) the process naturally segued into more and more songs. The true followup to IDENTITY was finished almost simultaneously as its predecessor but with timing and such, we held back on that release in order to get out RESIST and then the upcoming PHILOSOPHIES album.

What’s on the horizon for you?

More music and more music. 🙂  

We have a cool covers album coming out of songs originally written or performed by a female vocalist that further defines our range. Some are head-scratchers (like Bjork’s Desired Constellation) and others are more straightforward (Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide).


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