Chatterbox: Kaelan Brown

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey y’all, my names Kaelan Brown. I’m 19 out of Arlington VA just outside Washington DC. Im currently going to school in Richmond VA and I just released my first project as a solo artist, “From Out The Pines”.

Where did the new single come from?

Before I Go is a really interesting track off the project. I got the inspiration to write it right at the beginning of freshman year here in Richmond. I was taking an English class and our first assignment was to read this article about how perspective can totally change a situation and how everybody sees things differently.

I wanted to apply that concept to my own life and talk about how people can see someone as something that they aren’t in reality. I talk a little bit about my life and about my parents being teachers and everything I’ve learned from them. I think it’s important in my music that I talk about growing up with so many educators around me. We all have some learning to do, even if we are at home with ourselves. 

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Joaquin (prod. Wakeen) and I definitely have some stuff in the works. We took a quick break to catch up on school and stuff after we released From Out The Pines, but we’ve already made big plans for the summer. We have some producers from New York and Atlanta that we’ve been blessed to connect with who really dig what we have to say in this game and respect our style. Right now we are just focused on grinding on writing and critiquing every little piece of the art we create, because in many ways From Out The Pines was a rushed project. Joaquin and I both look at it like our baby, but of course every baby’s gotta grow haha. I think mainly we just want to surround ourselves with creative minds when we go home to DC this summer so we can really deliver some art to the people. We’re just tryna place ourselves on the map right now. 

What’s on the horizon for you?

This summer will definitely be a new beginning for me in regards to music and performance. I’m putting a band together because I’ve always felt that live performance is my strong suit. I like messing with live arrangements and transforming a song into an entirely new beast. I just love seeing peoples hands in the air man. When we get some new tracks going and start to build a bit more of a fanbase, hopefully the plan is to tour and to start creating a brand for Kaelan Brown, ya know? Tryna not only put our names on the map, but also our colors and themes and way of performing. I want people to remember their first Kaelan Brown concert.


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