Indie Kids: Sarpa Salpa, Mark Hamilton, Pink Sky, Scoobert Doobert, Bad Flamingo, The Loveliness, Color Palette

Our Indie Kids playlist celebrates everything on the indie spectrum, whether that’s rock, folk or pop, because we firmly believe in taking a little walk off the beaten track every once in a while.

Springing off the success of their last single ‘Dreaming’, a track that we also had the pleasure of featuring, UK-based quartet Sarpa Salpa are back with another delicious ear biscuit for us. New release ‘She Never Lies’ was one of the first things that band wrote together and it fast become a fan favourite at their live shows. Luckily for us internet-bound beings, the group have brought this track to us so we can also enjoy their iconic hooks, tantalising indie melodies and highly danceable rhythms.

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‘Wake Up Little Man’ is the thunderous debut single from Mark Hamilton, who depicts the many complexities and strangeness of our current world through his alternative-rock sound. While there’s an American rock undertone, the searing guitar riffs and intricate rhythms are more reminiscent of 90s manga soundtracks with all that high-drama and action. It makes sense that this British artist would incorporate such a cinematic soundscape into his captivating music video.

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Pink Sky is composed of couple Angelica and Ryan who left their non-musical professions to pursue creativity, culminating in their forthcoming album, Total Devotion. Their intimate relationship allows them to delve deeper into facets of the human condition, as is the case with indie-electronica track ‘Behind The Sun’. The pair finding healing after loss through a pervasive mix of synths, drum machines, samplers, piano, and gut-punching vocals.

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PM regulars Scoobert Doobert are back in the new year with another refreshing approach to lofi-pop akin to Still Woozy, Gus Dapperton and Omar Apollo. Brand new shiny single ‘Feel So Good’ is awash with laidback beats, sumptuous bass and hazy vocals that delivers waves of positivity. The California singer, songwriter and producer hopes to bring about another successful year in 2023.

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Another familiar name round these parts is Bad Flamingo, the masked musicians whose craft incorporates timeless americana with indie songwriting and a theatrical presence. Their latest single ‘Devil and the Deep Blue’ has all these hallmarks, rendered in a restrained fashion that contrasts bluesy storytelling with sudden flashes of strings and percussion.

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Sibling duo The Loveliness has been steadily releasing their dream-pop tracks since making their debut back in 2021. There’s a saying that good things come to those that wait and that’s how we feel about the band’s fourth single ‘Make Believe’, which is a serene blend of R&B-dipped vocals and feel-good pop rhythms that evokes the overwhelming sense of being in love. You’ll sink into this smooth single, singing the lyric “Life is such a dream, livin’ in make believe.”

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Color Palette, led by principal songwriter and vocalist Jay Nemeyer, from Washington, D.C., have been making indie sounds the traverse the boundaries between dream-pop and alt-rock since 2016. The outfit’s genre-blending prowess also emerges in new single ‘DREAMS’. It’s largely a shoegaze track with those fuzzed-out guitars, but it has the energetic tempo of 80s indie-rock, heavily influenced musically by bands such as Slow Dive, Ride, and My Bloody Valentine. Despite the hopeful title, this track is all about commiserating over lost or sidelined ambitions because daily life has the habit of getting in the way of our dreams.

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