Nashville’s RAEYA delivers reassuring pop anthem ‘Just Wanna Say’

The security and comfort that good pop music brings really can’t be underestimated, there’s a reason that the charts have been dominated by feelgood pop through the past year – we’re self-soothing through the pandemic! Someone who has been turning to music for many years to get through a series of challenging life events is Nashville-based songwriter RAEYA.

Her new single ‘Just Wanna Say’ is peppered with positive affirmations and reassurances, blended into her warm tapestry of pop, folk and electronica. The hope is that this song brings you a reprieve from sadness and stress, even if it’s just for the three minutes and twenty-five seconds that this song takes to roll out, and even then, you could just hit that replay button.

RAEYA is such a honest artist, unafraid of putting her personal experiences and emotions out there and as a result ‘Just Wanna Say’ is the one of the most genuine pop songs we’ve heard in some time.

“I wrote this song after going through a series of painful events over a span of several years and it felt like the pain and hard times would never end. This song was inspired by my story, and I wanted to write something that would give hope and encouragement to other people out there too.”

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