Chatterbox: Men I Trust

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey we’re a music trio called Men I Trust: Jessy plays the guitar and slaps the bass, Emma sings and plays the guitar and Dragos plays the keys. We are a Canadian Montreal based indie-dance / adult-pop music band. We love smooth sounds, calm melodies and simple rhythms that relax, but make your right foot tap and your chin bounce on the beats.

We released our first album Men I Trust in 2014, our second one Headroom in 2015 and we’ve been releasing singles now and then. We do everything DIY, from recording to mastering and we film all our music videos. Dragos and Jessy have been composing together since high school and Emma joined to form a permanent band about two years ago. We love composing special tunes in our home recording studio, we enjoy travelling and playing before new people, we’re constantly talking about the sounds, the chords, the melodies and the image of our future songs and music videos.

Where did the new single come from?

Before being an official band with a permanent singer, Jessy and Dragos collaborated with several singers and friends of ours such as Gabrielle Shonk, Helena Deland, Odile, who toured with us and collaborated on lots of tracks and Geoffroy, who sang on Dazed (2014), Morse Code (2015) and who is the lead vocalist and author of Thirsty (2017), released earlier this year on his excellent album Coastline.

We started by laying down the instrumental base of Thirsty, a now smooth and down tempo song, and we sent it to Geoffroy in the summer of 2016. We imagined his voice would fit well the instrumental and we knew he was working on an album, so the timing was perfect. We remember he got really inspired by the song and wrote the lyrics 24 hours later. Emma and Odile added their smooth voices, backing the melodies of the guitars in the form of questions / answers, creating a perfect contrast between the lead male vocals and the female textured harmonies. We knew we had a hit, plus Geoffroy added a rad flute at the outro, which couldn’t better seal the deal. We imagined doing a music video with people in a minivan fading away slowly, waving bye byes, because it really feels like a goodbye song. Thirsty is hence the closing track of Geoffroy’s Coastline album.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Of course! On May 3rd we are releasing a new single called You Deserve This. Without revealing too much the surprise, for this one, we are aiming to reach new levels of chills, trippy and “bye bye” wavings.

What’s on the horizon for you?

On August 5th, we will be playing in Montreal at Osheaga. It’s a huge milestone for us! Some other Canadian dates are coming in for shows this summer and we will release a single or two with music videos this summer as well. Nothing confirmed yet, but we are considering releasing a third album next fall. We would love to pack a sedan and drive across the country for the third album release. We would also love to place some of our music in cartoons, video games and cinema, arts of which we are big fans!

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