Chatterbox: Bantug

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

I just finished playing some basketball and got whooped by my husband. It’s a beautiful day in Nashville, where I’ve been living for the past five years now. When I first moved up here, I played guitar and sang BGVs in a folk project with one of my best friends for about a year. Nashville was (and is) pretty folky and since I was surrounded by that, I wrote within that style and wasn’t connecting with any of it.

After trying to write outside of that genre, I started discovering my own voice and out of that came Bantug. I mean I moved to Nashville for music and I didn’t really pursue it for almost three years cause I couldn’t connect with my own writing. So releasing this EP is pretty exciting because anyone who is listening gets to hear the beginning of it all.

Give us some background on the songs from your new EP.

“Just Like a Dream” and one of my other songs “Wine Beeline” were actually written within the same night. I had more of a straightforward vision with “Wine Beeline”, and the new single needed more time. It actually had more of a 1975 feel, but after sitting on it for six months, I decided that wasn’t a direction I wanted to go in. The drums and bass were recorded, but I took it to an amazing producer, Micah Tawlks, and I told him I envisioned the delayed beat from “Chariots of Fire” for a reference. If you heard the demo, it’s a complete 180, and I’m so glad with the way it turned out.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

There is! I’m not sure if I should publicize it now, but it’ll be following up this release sooner rather than later.

Other than that, I’ve actually never played a show yet. I want to do a low key one for my friends sometime this summer, but I’m working on more content so I can play longer than 20 minutes. I actually just got my own set up and some songs are already working itself out and it’s been so exciting to already start on new material.

What’s on the horizon for you?

I’ll be graduating from Middle Tennessee State University in August which means I will have way more time to work on music, and maybe even a small tour! ​Really, just writing more, which is so exciting.

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