Chatterbox: Thor Rixon

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m 27, living in South Africa. making music every day. Doing some acting on the side.

Where did the new single come from?

The new single came from a road trip Alice and myself were doing early 2016 along the east coast of SA. Alice and I are good friends and have worked together a lot in the past and it sort of just popped out of nowhere when we were playing around one afternoon.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Yeah, got a new single from my next album with a performance piece/video coming out in a couple of months. Very excited for the world to see that.

What’s on the horizon for you?

I’m going to be heading to Berlin in a month to perform and write with some friends over there. I plan to put the final touches on my next album while in Berlin.

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