Chatterbox: PATHS

Where did the new single come from?

I released my 1st single ‘Neoprene’ in January and wanted to follow this up quickly with another song, however the songs ‘Right Beside You’ and Last One Standing’ were actually produced in close succession with Neoprene, and it felt right to release them all closely together. I also have videos for all 3 songs, that you can find on Youtube.

All 3 videos we’re shot on the same day at a Victorian Bath (swimming pool) in Belfast, N. Ireland. They involve LED tube lights, which I use in my live performances, which I also specifically programmed myself to dance in time with the music, both rhythmically and emotionally, so when the music is fast and furious, the lights are bright and fast paced. These lights worked fantastic in the big empty pool we shot in; the dancing colors reflected on the old tiles, the place became alive again with lights and sound.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Yes, definitely! I’ve had the 3 original songs out now for only 2 months, so they’re still finding a new audience, and getting played lots on several streaming platforms and radio play. I’ve been networking with several DJs worldwide, so keep an ear out for some fresh new remixes being released soon. I’ve already had one remix released for the track ‘Neoprene’ by a DJ in San Francisco going under the name LØTUS. I really liked how he re-imagined the track in another genre, I love hearing different interruptions of my music! I also have some exciting remixes of ‘Right Beside You’ coming out very soon, and I can’t wait to hear them on the dancefloor!

What’s on the horizon for you?

I’m currently working on promotion for these remixes for the next month. I’m also working on my live show for an upcoming music industry performance at The Great Escape in Brighton, England in May. Its the ‘SXSW’ of the UK. I attend every year, its an excellent opportunity to check out all the brand new emerging acts just on the cusp of breaking-through. There’s always a real buzz and an infectious excitement during the week! I’ll be releasing more original material after the summer and look forward to seeing what happens from there! Dont forget to keep checking for all my latest news!

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