Chatterbox: Shine Daily

Tell us a bit about the project.

Shine Daily is a growing music group that is currently made of audio abdul & Tyohn Indianchild. Both artist have solo projects of their own but decided to collaborate on an upcoming EP titled “On a Cloud Way Up!” On this debut EP the duo is focused on enlightening the souls of the listeners and inspiring a new generation of youth.

Where did the new single come from?

The music is like an escape portal from the different vices of life that drag us down on a daily basis. With flying blind we wanted to take you up to the vibe we’ve been living on in the process of making this album. Flying blind is about letting love & soul be the lead in life and trust where it takes you. You can’t see what lies on the road ahead but trust in love as our guide and it can take us to the perfect places at the right times.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Flying blind is only the beginning. It is the first release of our upcoming EP “On a cloud way up!” a journey, a spiritual high that is made to inspire the young generation to love them selves and hold themselves to a higher standard of excellence.

What’s on the horizon for Shine Daily?

We will be having our first shine daily festival in downtown Houston this summer. We will be headlining along with other local artists and members of the urban Indian family!

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