Chatterbox: BoyLord

Hey! Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

So glad you dig the tunes! I’m 26 years old, New Jersey born and raised, currently residing in Los Angeles.

How did the new track come about?

This project is basically a collage of my first two years in Los Angeles. Vocalists Noy Markel, June Freedom, and sax player Alex “Shugg” Sugarman really helped me bring the project to life. Instead of using “in-the-box” synths, I used my talented friends to create most of these sounds. Tomorrow it will be live on Spotify, Itunes…. etc etc anywhere you can hear music.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

I have a ton in the works, the next BoyLord EP is wild and will have a few more singles on it. June Freedom and I also have an incredible project that is being mixed right now. In this next year I definitely see myself getting more placements with larger artists. I made this Tinashe song out of an iphone voicenote and they used it for the music video promoting her entire mixtape. just goes to show how much the music industry is changing, and how anything is possible from a bedroom.

What are you hoping for over the next year?

I just want to consistently change the way “dinosaurs” in the music industry think about pop music and what it could be. In LA it has been eyeopening to watch how uncreative a creative industry actually is. Cheers to something different and my first big step forward as a producer artist. Thank you again for your ears and the writeup! Means the world to me.

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