Chatterbox: TYNI

Hey, could you tell us a bit about about yourself?

I don’t believe in labels but I would class myself as a Pop artist. My image is forever evolving. I like to shift through identities and continue to excite the audience thats really what its all about for me. I live for the theatrics and live performance and I’m mesmerized by personalities and characters. I take inspiration mainly from Popstars in the 80’s era! Bowie always fascinated me, especially the visual aspects of his work. I became obsessed with anyone or anything remotely like him. If you listen closely to my music you can hear elements of the 80’s sound, particularly the synths on some of the tracks along with the odd tribal drum and I think its important to re-discover all sounds and bring them back in a more modern form. Growing up and being from Sheffield I have been born into a city of musical legends and hopefully one day I will be categorised amongst them!

Where did the new single come from?

Fighter is the most empowering track from the EP. The vision that we had in mind when creating this song was about finding inner strength to fight for who you are and what you believe in. Everyone experiences battles at some point in their life and this song will hopefully ignite the fire in people to carry on fighting whatever it may be. This could take form of relationships, illness, prejudice or bullying. Fighter is definitely one of the more deeper and honest tracks which I hope that people can relate to. I hope it gives people the confidence to pursue their quest for happiness and conquer any obstacles which may appear to stand in their way.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

I treat my music as a body of work but I see every part of my work as a separate creation from the next. It’s my wonderland where each song is a chapter in my very own fairytale. I’ve spent a good few years crafting my art and making sure everything is exactly the way I imagined it to be and thats something I believe to be extremely important especially with an artist of my kind. I have a whole bunch of songs ready for the world to hear and I think people are ready to hear that now! I’ve spent so much time working on it that I think the world is ready for something great. So much is yet to come and i’m just getting started!

Whats on the horizon for you?

I’ll be gigging around London with my band so were just in rehearsals right now preparing for that kinda stuff so thats really my main focus at this moment. I’ll also be releasing my new EP over the next 6-8 weeks! which to me is a big thing! i’ve been waiting so long for people to hear it now, its way over due.

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