Chatterbox: Spectoral

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself?

I live in Melbourne, supposedly the world’s most liveable city. It’s all right I suppose. I’m just come to the tail end of what’s been a very enjoyable Australian summer of gigs (saw Flume and Kaytranada), camping weekends, beach days, bike rides and plenty of BBQs. It’s been really difficult to sit in a studio in my spare time to write music when the weather is so nice outside. Thankfully, these new songs were mostly written in the spring.

Where did the new single come from?

Daydreaming is a weird one. It was a total accident. I originally wanted to remix a song by the UK band Editors, called Bricks and Mortar. I’d done this IDM style instrumental remix of it, which was pretty cool but sounded nothing like a Spectoral track. So I took it back to the drawing board and started listening to a lot of dark Portishead and Massive Attack tracks. Their influence blended in with more modern sounds I was going for and I eventually ended up with the crazy menacing beat you hear in the song.

A few of the notes that make up the Editors hook is still in there, but I made contact with the band over email, played them the demo, and they were fine with it, as it’s so changed I suppose, to be unrecognisable. The lyrics were the last thing to come. I wanted the lyrical theme to be as twisted as the instrumentation. I finally settled on the idea of the song being about trying to convince someone to cheat, that the lust is just too much to pass it by.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Sure is. If all goes to plan, fans should see a new Spectoral single dropping each month for the next five months. Can’t wait to share these with you, the output of dozens of hours spent in each of these little aural worlds.

What’s on the horizon for you?

2017 is going to be packed with releases as well as new gigs. I’m excited about taking the new material on the road and mixing it with last year’s EP material to form a solid evolved live show. I’ll be announcing dates and venues on my social media channels throughout the coming months. Oh and in the meantime, I’m busy working on some collabs right now with three other very talented producers. You’ll hear some totally dope dual-produced tracks dropping in the near future. So much is happening, it’s incredible and I’m having a blast, I know you’ll all feel it when you hear the end results.

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