Chatterbox: I Am Flames

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself and your new project. 
I’ve been making music of my own for a good few years and decided on a bit of a whim to put up online a song and see if people would like it, deciding it’s no good just me having it on a hard drive and nobody ever hearing it. My parents didn’t even hear it until I put it online!
Where did the new track come from?
The single grew out of a writing session, at a point where I had stopped making music for a few years. This particular evening (it was actually pretty late around 1am!) I can remember feeling so creative and inspired to make music, and there was something powerful about everybody being asleep and the roads being so dead, yet feeling so awake and energised to make music on full volume at the end of a garden!
What’s on the horizon for you?
I am planning to release another song in February and in between time making more music so I can keep releasing songs throughout the year. I have started planning and thinking ahead to live shows, but these may not be until a bit later in the year. I have been playing musical instruments since I was very young so nothing is more exciting than the thought of being able to play live gigs of my own stuff!!


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