Chatterbox: Shunya

Manchester based producer Shunya peaked our interest with his new EP ‘Mountain Gazer’. It’s an interesting blend of analogue and digital, brash beats accompanied by organic instrumentation.

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m an Irish born producer who enjoys tinkering on stringed instruments, singing and playing bass guitar. I grew up playing classical music on the violin, piano and cello. My father is a record producer and musician so growing up with him in my life was really handy because I could steal his gear and experiment making music for myself. My brother is also a fantastic singer – songwriter and pianist. I’m now based in Manchester and have found myself really influenced by it’s beautiful people and the Hip Hop and Jazz scene. I’m very fortunate to be playing with some great forward thinking musicians and artists.

Where did the new single come from?

The latest E.P “Mountain Gazer” is loosely based on a concept on the idea of someone who is fixated on the top of the hill without enjoying the hike upwards. 

People often get stuck on starting something new that’s alien to them as they feel like they’ll never get “there”. Whereas in fact nobody ever arrives or gets “there”. Steven Hawkins is still solving equations and Van Morrison still singing the blues. The real fun in this game is to enjoy the hike and take in the scenery because that’s where the craic is.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Absolutely, I’m aiming to do a bonus edition of the Mountian Gazer E.P in April with a few extra tracks of my own and some remixes by Werkha (Tru Thoughts) and Frameworks (Loci Records). Everything is self released at the moment which is actually quite liberating not having to wait for anyone to do elements of the work for you. If you fuck up, it’s all your fault. That in itself is surprisingly quite lovely! A label in the future would be nice but at the moment I’m enjoying the DIY approach and failing at it miserably 🙂

What’s on the horizon for you?

I’ll be joined with my band to support Riot Jazz at Band On The Wall (Manchester) on the 26th of January. I also host my own nights in Manchester so will probably do another one of them geared around a release in April. The events are marketed as “A night live electronic, jazz and world music with visuals” We’ve had everything on from Indian Classical, Bluegrass and west african folk. They’re always great fun. I also hope to be doing a handful of UK festivals with some European dates in between. After that who knows….. I could get hit by bus….. that would be awful though… 

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