Chatterbox: Nui Blanc

UK based Nui Blanc is an electronic producer plying his trade out of London. With a clear ear for textures, dynamics and imaginative sounds Blanc will take you on a journey; this one is pure escapism.

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Nui Blanc, currently writing to you from London.

Where did the new single come from?

In Under my starting point was to break the identities of each sound. The voice is distorted and changed until the source is unrecognisable so that who sang is no longer the focus, the sound is.

The same happens for most of my synths and textures, I might start with a field recording or a waveform that gets mixed with other sounds or processed so much that it becomes something completely different.

What other content is in the pipeline?

I have an EP ready for 2017 and will also be releasing a video for Under.

What’s on the horizon for you?

More music, more interesting collaborations with artists from other fields that I hope to be able to show very soon.

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