Chatterbox: Closely

Closely were the first band to get in touch using the new contact form, so naturally I had to give their new single my full attention. I quickly fell for the group’s catchy hooks and effervescent beats, which take centre stage on ‘Years’. A great indie-pop track to take you into 2017.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

We’re a new Indie Electronic Trio from Toronto, Canada. Michael (vocals) and Spenser (drummer) go way back as they grew up together and at that time, they were playing dream pop tunes and l (Joel) was off doing my own thing sequencing beats and playing guitar over them. Toronto is full of creative people so, I went on Kijiji looking for other musicians to start a project with and came across an ad Michael had placed seeking a female singer. Although I am male and don’t sing (well) I contacted Michael anyway as I heard a lot of potential in Michael and Spenser’s work and an opportunity to bring my guitar playing and synths/beats to the table.

We all met at the end of summer 2015 (about 1.5 years ago) and released our 1st single “Empty” last March. Their 2nd single “Still Here’ was released a few months later (in June) by Noon Pacific. Now, we’re back with our 3rd track: “Years”.

Where did the new single come from?

My dad had been suffering a terminal illness (pancreatic cancer) for years and not long after I met Michael and Spenser (and “closely” was formed) he passed away (Oct. 31st, 2015). So our new track, “Years” is dedicated to him and deals with the passage of time and loss of loved ones. The idea for the track came a few months ago as the leaves were changing colour and falling from their branches, “I can keep the leaves from falling to the ground”. 

It was a painful reminder of the death of my father the year prior as well as the difficult years leading up to it; having to watch his health deteriorate to the point where he couldn’t eat or speak. He had the disease for 4 years so, he had to live with this for so long and while it was great having more time with him, it was also hard because of the depression and pain that he was suffering. Living with the knowledge of his impending death was understandably very difficult for him, “I can stop the years always tracking you down”, the track keeps repeating this line – it’s like a plea with time, begging for more or to slow down. My dad was only 65.

What other content is in the pipeline?

Currently, we’re finishing up more singles and working on a debut EP. We have a handful of new tracks in the works and we are very eager to complete and share with them with our fans. Also, we have been jamming regularly and tightening up their set and will begin announcing upcoming shows in the new year beginning with Jan 6th @ The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern. 

What’s on the horizon for you?

We were just getting started in 2016 and are pumped for what’s to come in 2017. We’ve gotten our set tight and will be playing it for audiences as well as releasing some of our best work yet on our new singles / debut EP (TBA). We’re just wrapping up a collab track with LA-Based synthpop duo, “The Novelties” which will be coming out soon and then a handful of other tracks following shortly after. 

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