Chatterbox: Brass Bull


Hey, tell us a bit about yourself and Brass Bull.

When I was a singer in a band I was a shit singer but the band was quite good so a man in a record label told me to go and get singing lessons. The guy I went to was a proper opera head and I got into it. The band ended up making a wicked album that never got released. I carried on with the opera training and always thought it’d be cool to mix it in with some beats and synths and stuff. So I did that and here it is.

How did the new track come to be?

Massive Aggressive fell out when I heard the first four string hits from Act 3 of Bizet’s Pearl Fishers. Classical music is full of ridiculous hooks that the composers used to bin after one play. If you nick a good one and loop it the song usually writes itself. With the lyrics I work back from the title. I’ve got like 20 albums worth of song titles that make me giggle. Some of them turn into full ideas and some never go anywhere, like:

  • Crappy and you know it
  • Dirty, the 8th dwarf
  • Clumsy nazi lover
  • I know Beyoncé, I don’t really

Although I reckon that last one could be a pretty smart album title. I suppose Massive Aggressive’s about the most scared people being the most tooled up.

What other content is in the pipeline for you?

Now I’m living in Peckham and spending all my money on very old vinyl and very new plug-ins. I got 4 tunes up on the website and a bunch more in the cauldron… The more I get into it, the cooler it is finding pieces from different composers that fit together. When you start getting 3, 4 or even 5 classics working with each other it starts getting really wicked… of course then it’s a right fucker to mix…

What’s on the horizon for Brass Bull?

Brass Bull is totally for me. But I want everyone in the world to hear it. It’d be cool to gig it one day but to be honest I can’t be arsed heaving amps and drum kits around to play to 20 people in a toilet, so I’m gonna wait until I’ve got as many weekly listeners as Prince and then book a run at the O2. 

By day I write commercial songs for people like Adele, although she hasn’t heard any of them yet, but you never know… She’ll probably read this and email me…


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