Chatterbox: AVE & EFX + Varun

As the EDM scene becomes more populated, it gets harder to distinguish the good music from the noise. When this one hit our inbox it was a no brainer. Paint the Sky is a collaboration between Ave & EFX, Varun and LA James – the result is a polished piece of production with hooks aplenty. We spoke to the musicians behind the buttons to gain more insight:

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a DJ/Producer based out of Orange County. I gave up a relatively successful career managing jewelry stores to pursue my passion for music. When I got serious about music, I wanted to attend the best school I could find for music production and found Icon Collective. I was later asked to help grow the school as Director of Admissions. It was an incredible experience being in such a creative environment and learned a ton from it!
Originally, I started off as more of a Trance DJ (hence my love for strong melodies!). As I got into production my sound shifted into more of a Progressive House style, high energy with big melodies. And now I find myself trying not to think about genres as much and simply creating whatever excites me. I have a remix out on Ultra Records, an official remix for Interscope/CherryTree Records for an Ivy Levan track that was produced by Diplo and received Mixing/Mastering credits for some work I did for Moby. 
We’re AVE & EFX and were both originally from Los Angeles, CA. AVE currently lives in Sacramento running a skateboard company called Avenue Trucks and also working full time as a songwriter/producer. EFX is in Orange County working as a fulltime dj/producer. We came together in 2014 to form a duo after we decided we would put our strengths and weaknesses together and enter the 2014 EDC Discovery Project. We entered an original future bass track, the only one in the competition, and we won =]

Where did the new single come from?

Well the vocal was actually written in 2013 by AVE, L.A James (the vocalist) & AVE’s roommate at the time, Jovanny, a top 10 American Idol finalist. It was never used and sat in a hard drive until earlier this year when we rediscovered it searching through old files. We heard it, fell in love with it and asked Varun if he’d like to collab. He fell in love with the vocal as well and we got straight to work.


We have another collab together that will be releasing sometime in the next 4-6 weeks. We’re both really excited about that! We feel like the lyrics are something that everyone that’s gone through a tough time in a relationship can relate to. 

We’re working on a couple other original vocals and going to be doing a remix or 2. We’ve focused a lot on originals and would really love to do a couple big remixes.


Right now I have a collaboration with X-Change that’s slated to come out at the end of December. Its a progressive house tune with an amazing vocalist. We’re pumped on the track as its already getting early support from Hardwell and was premiered on his radio show and named Demo of the Week. I may also be writing some new music that will be featured in a foreign film with some incredible vocalists. We’re still in the early stages of sorting everything out but exciting nonetheless!
What’s on the horizon for you?
We’re hoping our music speaks to the masses and people love it as much as we do. Our ultimate goal is start getting onto bigger bills and festivals and the way were approaching it is by releasing consistent quality releases. The love and support from you guys and many others are what keep us going. Thank you and just know we really really appreciate you giving us your attention and time. 
When I left the jewelry industry, I made a commitment to myself that I would only work on things I am truly passionate about. I’m fortunate enough to do what I love and I plan to spend as much time as possible doing it. I plan to have new material out every 4-6 weeks so keep an eye out 😉 The response on “Paint The Sky” has been incredible and it helps remind you of why you spend all those countless hours in the studio. I’ll be performing both days at Resolution NYE 2017 with SNBRN on Day 1 and opening for Above & Beyond on Day 2. I’m hoping to do more shows on that scale and even larger. Once again, thank you guys for the unbelievable support! 

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