Chatterbox: Sarah Claire

Sarah Claire are an identical twin duo hailing from Queens, NY. Their minimal dream-pop soundscape is complimented perfectly by the pair’s ethereal vocals. RIDE (jackie edit) was inspired by a shared interest in Jackie Kennedy, it has been released as a digital exclusive which you can find on all the relevant platforms. We had a chat with Sarah Claire to get to know them a little better.

Hey, tell us a bit about Sarah Claire.

We are an identical twin sister minimal/ambient/soft-pop duo based in the borough of Queens, New York City. You know the belief where twins can feel each other telepathically… Well we feel that sense of oneness when we sing together.

Where did the new promo single come from?

As deep-rooted fans of Jacqueline Kennedy’s style and eloquence, it was simply inevitable that we would one day interpolate her writing into our music. Luckily, our Flight Club Entertainment family shared this vision and connected us with Eddie “Shy Boogs” Timmons (Chris Brown, Swizz Beats) and Brian “Peoples” Garcia (Fetty Wap, Fifth Harmony). As twins, we are sensitive to organic connections… and this one can easily be heard in the music. We honestly can’t thank everyone involved enough for materializing this Jackie edit.

What other content is in the pipeline?

Our debut EP, tentatively titled “FOUR LTTR WORD”, is currently slated for an early 2017 release. We already have three singles out digitally, so we’re eager for you all to hear the rest!

What’s on the horizon for you two?

Day in and day out, we are working on our craft. This project has been a long time coming and this winter is just beginning to expose us to our potential. So the horizon is definitely bright. Expect lyric videos, new music, and someday… LIVE SHOWS!

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