Chatterbox: Kimera Morrell

We caught up with LA based songwriter and artist Kimera Morell; to chat about her new single ‘I Can’t’ and writing songs for her own solo project.

Hey, tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

I’m Kimera, and I love writing sexy, dark, twisted songs. This single, “I Can’t,” is off my debut EP, “Dirty Floor Vol. 1,” that just dropped on Nov 28! I’ve always focused on writing for other people because I thought it was safe, but I finally just said, “F it,” and spent the last two years only writing for myself. It’s been very freeing! Not only just writing for myself but actually being myself, and not overanalyzing and manufacturing “hits.” Actually just expressing something. 

How would you describe the current project?

The songs on this EP (which includes a Vol. 2 coming early 2017) are all sort of about things I’m really uncomfortable talking about, but for some reason it’s like music is my safe place where I can say whatever I want and not be ashamed. So you’ll hear songs about fantasies, you’ll hear songs about being a bad person, and even some sh** talking.

What’s on the horizon for you?

The near future of this project is a world tour opening for one of my heroes. If I can be a hero to someone in the future, and if my songs can hit that spot that someone needs to feel relieved, then my dreams have come true.

Thank you for supporting this EP and helping me turn on the world 😉

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You can watch the music video here 

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