Chatterbox: Caitlyn Scarlett


Caitlyn Scarlett has just dropped her new single ‘Possession Of A Weapon’. It follows on from the successful release of ‘Rust’ which made it’s way onto countless playlists and blog pages, having been premiered by The Independent. As the title suggests, the emerging London-based songstress is taking a more raw path; brash beats and fiery lyrics characterise ‘Possession Of A Weapon’. We had a chat with Scarlett to get a deeper understanding of this new direction, and what inspired her latest offering.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m turning 21 this month. I’m from a small neighbourhood in the South of England but I left home age 17 to live in London, which I’ve always been obsessed with. I like dinosaurs and vintage cars, I smoke like a chimney and I cannot eat anything without ketchup.  How’s that? Haha

That’ll do! Where are you based at the moment?

Right now I live in Islington, North London. But I’m thinking I might move again soon, this year I’ve also lived in London Bridge and before that Brick Lane. 

Do you feel like London influences your sound?

Undoubtedly. London inspires so much of everything I do, she is my one true love.

It’s an amazing city. Who else did you work with on the new single?

Eddy Atlantis [who produced the record]. He’s as wavey as the name suggests. 

How did it come about, what does it draw upon?

It’s about a period of my life when I was hopping from place to place and person to person a lot, full of ambition, but broke as hell. Couch surfing, spending too much time in the studio.

Too many nights out, and not enough at home. I was an equal mix of excited and terrified, trying to figure out how to take control of my potential, but also enjoy my youth.

It had been a while since we heard from you, then we got Rust and now Possession. Are you excited to be releasing again?

Yes I am sooooo pumped! I never wanted to go as long as I had without releasing in first place, but the time was necessary and well spent. I’m so happy the ball is rolling now and big stuff is on the horizon.

Is this the direction you feel your sound is going to take?

It’s a big part of it yes, the aggressive cockiness is almost part of a persona I have. But at the same it’s definitely not all there is to me as an artist/writer.

Is it part of a bigger project? An EP or an album?

Possession is a single but, it may feature on an EP or album in the future, who knows.

What else is on the horizon for Caitlyn Scarlett

Music… lots of music. Live stuff. Videos. Side projects. You name it!

You can find all the platforms on which ‘Possession’ is streaming by following this link:

If you want to keep up to date with all things Scarlett, follow her via:

Twitter  / Instagram / Facebook / Tumblr

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