Indie Kids: Yvonne Ambrée, Starpainter, Patrick Barry, Don’t Believe In Ghosts, Ducky Neptune, J Cru feat. Toddy Smith, Kadebostany feat. Baris Demirel & Angie Robba, No Lights, Olen, catGRINZ

Our Indie Kids playlist celebrates everything on the indie spectrum, whether that’s rock, folk or pop, because we firmly believe in taking a little walk off the beaten track every once in a while.

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Yvonne Ambrée captivates listeners with her latest release, ‘Another Space,’ taken from her forthcoming debut EP. Building upon her previous singles, ‘Blue High’ and ‘Anyone Someone,’ Ambrée delves into the complexities of relationships, weaving a tapestry of melancholic melodies and introspective lyrics. As you’ll hear, this starts off deceptively simple but gradually reveals its emotional depth through layers of dramatic synths, reflecting the shifting dynamics of romantic connections. The accompanying video, directed by Will Kitchings, adds a visually stunning dimension to the narrative, portraying Ambrée as an invisible observer in the lives of others. Also collaborating with producer Jeremy Page, Ambrée’s music effortlessly merges analog and electronic elements, creating a rich sonic landscape that explores themes of desire, longing, and self-discovery, making her a rising artist to watch.

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The new single from Starpainter, enticingly titled ‘Summer in Your Mouth’, captures the essence of folk-rock with its heartfelt storytelling and captivating sound. The self-produced and recorded at home, this track was further mixed by John Anderson and mastered by Phillip Shaw Bova. The final result beautifully portrays the struggles of seasonal depression during the long, dark prairie winter. Inspired by an Al Purdy poem ‘Transient’, the song takes listeners on a nostalgic journey, evoking vivid imagery of running through fields with the taste of summer on one’s lips. With its introspective lyrics and emotive vocals, ‘Summer in Your Mouth’ showcases this band’s ability to create original and exciting music.

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‘Making Up Time’ is a heartfelt ballad that takes listeners on a poignant journey of lost time and rediscovery from songwriter and musician Patrick Barry. As a former member of Navar and The Barry Brothers Band, Barry’s musical background is rich and diverse. The song reflects on his personal experiences and the reunion with the love of his life after seventeen-years apart. Set against a serene fall backdrop, the track exudes a sense of longing and the desire to make up for lost moments. With wistful lyrics and a captivating melody, ‘Making Up Time’ captures the essence of embracing the present and letting go of the past. Beyond simple storytelling, this song also invites listeners to reflect on their own relationships and life journeys, evoking a sense of nostalgia and introspection. It really is a beautiful testament to the power of love, self-discovery, and reconnection.

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Don’t Believe in Ghosts, the avant-garde indie pop ensemble from the bustling streets of New York City, delivers an enthralling sonic experience. Led by singer, producer, and writer Steven Nathan, the band’s unique sound emerged from his home studio in 2017. Despite facing setbacks due to the pandemic, they signed with Imagen Records and released their debut label album, Solutions. Their latest single ‘Makes No Difference’ showcases their ability to capture the struggle of keeping pace with life’s demands. With a poignant melody that mirrors frustration and introspective lyrics, Don’t Believe in Ghosts crafts a profound and resonant musical journey.

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We’re just dipping our toes into the musical pool of Ducky Neptune by featuring their album focus track ‘Jamesy Boy’ from the duo’s debut record, Insensitive Plastic. It’s got something for everyone with a mix of indie-rock, psychedelic surf-soul, and classic influences. Recorded at FAME Studios and mixed by Grammy-awarded engineer Robert Carranza, the album brings a fresh wave of sound to Nashville. While there’s eight tracks for listeners to tuck into, the latest single ‘Jamesy Boy’ is a standout track, capturing the band’s raw energy and delivering a fun and groovy experience.

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LA-based music duo J Cru showcases their love for Hip Hop, unwavering ambition, and comedic talent in their captivating journey. J Geezy and J Smitty, whose friendship began with a chance encounter in college, have been inseparable ever since. Their sophomore LP, GOAT LOVER, garnered notable success, and since then they’ve continued to build on that momentum in the new year. On their provocatively titled single ‘You’re A Dumbass Motherfucking Piece Of Shit’, the pair have pulled in fellow rising star Toddy Smith. This new single is an acoustic-driven jam that pays tribute to that lovable but clumsy friend who always manages to mess things up. J Cru’s heartfelt and humorous approach shines through in their music, you can’t help but smile listening to this playful endeavour.

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Under the conceptual Republic of Kadebostany, this is the brainchild of DJ and producer Guillaume de Kadebostany, and they have already made waves with chart-topping singles like ‘Castle in the Snow’. Their unique pop music, distinctive visual identity, and colossal live performances have captivated audiences. The newest release ‘Like a Dream’ is the infectious and upbeat lead single, that sets the stage for their highly anticipated album, Play this at my Funerals, arriving in June this year. Kadebostany’s future-pop sound signature blends shiny guitars, dreamy whistling, catchy beats, captivating melodies, and vibrant production, complemented by the talented vocals of Turkish singer Baris Demirel and French singer Angie Robba.

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San Francisco’s No Lights prepares to unleash their highly anticipated debut LP, Dream Eraser. Blending post-punk and indie pop with Bay Area hardcore and metal influences, their distinct sound reflects the diverse musical backgrounds of its members. With a nod to bands like The Pixies, The Cure, and Echo And The Bunnymen, No Lights crafts an evocative and unpredictable sonic journey reminiscent of a Hitchcock film set in San Francisco. The music video for their latest single ‘Sparrows’, directed by Justis Krar, explores themes of alienation and contrasts. Dream Eraser arrives on June 9th via The Ghost Is Clear Records, so watch this space!

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Olen Kittelsen (aka Olen), the Orange County singer-songwriter, is set to make a significant impact with his forthcoming EP, So Codependent. This highly anticipated release showcases Olen’s personal twist on pop music, with songs that range from lively and boisterous to reflective and tender. The title-track ‘So Codependent’ stands out as one of the highlights on the EP. It originated as a playful joke between Olen and his co-writer, Tom Peyton, but evolved into a signature piece that captures a Third Eye Blind-esque vibe. With its infectious melody and relatable lyrics, the single and EP marks Olen’s growth as an artist and marks the culmination of his long-awaited debut.

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catGRINZ unveils her mesmerizing new single ‘Easily Erased’, with its enchanting vocals and a gentle production style, she establishes herself as a rising artist to watch. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Kali Uchis and Billie Eilish, this fast-rising artist delivers a heartfelt track about overcoming past hurts and finding strength. ‘Easily Erased’ is a taste of her upcoming debut EP, Highest In The Room, set for release in June. With her honest songwriting and captivating sound, catGRINZ is making waves in the music scene. Keep an eye on this exceptional and innovative artist as she continues to shine.

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