Super Duper keeps the bar high with contrasting, yet complimentary, double single ‘Growing Pains’ and ‘Sun Haven’

In keeping with Super Duper’s series of double sided singles, the Nashville-based producer shares ‘Growing Pains’ and ‘Sun Haven’. His ability to create powerful and groundbreaking productions is evident in both tracks, with his signature sound of infectious beats, soaring melodies, and lush textures. On one side, ‘Growing Pains’ is an emotional and introspective track that explores the challenges of growing up, while on the flip side, ‘Sun Haven’ is a dreamy and uplifting song that takes listeners on a journey of pure bliss.

It’s clear that Super Duper has managed to create two distinct yet cohesive tracks that showcase his versatility and creativity as an artist. Listeners can look forward to the release of his upcoming album, which promises to be yet another exciting addition to his already impressive discography. With Super Duper at the helm, there’s no doubt that he will continue to inspire and captivate audiences with his music for years to come.

“Growing Pains was written after discussing long-term relationships. Relationships stretch you and shine a light on your own imperfections but in the end, it only helps to make you a better person by caring for others and learning how to be a good companion. On the production side of this song, I felt like going in a sweeter, nostalgic direction would help further push the optimistic twist of the lyrics. I pitched the vocals up and filtered as many layers as possible to help give it a vintage feel.”

“Sun Haven was very fun to create. Sometimes when I write songs that stay in the instrumental world I like to make them feel like a journey with literal checkpoints of new sounds and moments you hit along the way. I wanted to make it feel like a score that a classical composer would create and then flip that idea into a dance song. I was listening to a lot of Fatboy Slim and Jamie XX when I wrote this so it’s a mixed bag of sample-sounding instruments with bits of modern production supporting it.”

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