‘Never Let Go’ is the standout single from Raindear’s electro-pop album, Majestically Mad

Swedish singer-songwriter and producer Rebecca Bergcrantz, aka Raindear, recently released her sophomore album, Majestically Mad, an 8-track sonic exploration of ethereal soundscapes and hauntingly beautiful vocals. She’s already proven herself to a driving force within the Swedish music scene with a unique brand of electro-synth-pop and that talent is distilled into mesmerising title track ‘Never Let Go’.

Hard-hitting from the off with a deep lying synth, Raindear invites you into her euphoric dream-pop world with her ever resonating and empowering melodies taking centre stage amongst the brilliantly dramatic pop production. Transcending beyond the norm of what you hear in everyday pop music, Rebecca finds a way to re-define the boundaries of what we call pop in ‘Never Let Go’, and she delivers a simply spellbinding dose of bittersweet alt-pop that will captivate listeners instantly. The outro is something totally unexpected, with clashes of synths and electronic sounds that continue to catch the listener off guard in the best possible way.

‘Never Let Go’ is a stunning example of Raindear’s ability to seamlessly blend electronic pop with classical and jazz influences, creating a sound that is truly her own.

“Never let go is definitely not as sweet as the title and massive pop chorus first initiates. There’s a pinch of sarcasm, and the phrase “never let go” is sung with a twist. When listening deeper, you understand this song is about the difficulty of being a victim to your own avoidant and insecure attachment style, combined with “kick seeking” personality, and how this always makes you feel trapped and unsettled in relationships and through life in general.”

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