Sounds of R&B & Soul: Bby Shea, Steven Bamidele x Scarlett Fae, Ryan Innes, Coline Creuzot, Lalanne, Jahan Nostra feat. Finn Wiggins-Henry

R&B and soul are two of those classic sounds that haven’t wavered over the years, instead they’ve continued to evolve and branch out into exciting new frontiers. So without further ado, let’s have a listen.

Bby Shea’s lo-fi R&B mixed with classic hip-hop sounds deliver a raw and honest perspective of young modern love. The Brighton-born artist’s strong and individual blend of rapping and singing reflects the influence of her idols, including Lauryn Hill and Sadé. Her latest single, ‘Philliophobic’, written at just 16 years old, is a poignant take on the challenges of finding a lasting love in unexpected circumstances. The track addresses issues of compatibility and emotional match, making it relatable to anyone who has ever struggled to navigate the initial stages of a relationship. With her unique sound and honest lyrics, Bby Shea continues to shore up her reputation as an artist to watch.

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We have a new refreshing and introspective love song ‘Kaleidoscope’ from Steven Bamidele featuring Scarlett Fae that really sums up the raison d’etre of this entire playlist. The pulsing synth and layered harmonies create a suitably kaleidoscopic soundscape of even’s influences, ranging from Marvin Gaye to Radiohead, are evident in his unique and intricate sound that blends syncopated beats and synth textures that complements the track’s complex emotional imagery. Scarlett Fae’s vocals add a mesmerizing dimension to the song, swirling in harmony with Steven’s own impressive falsetto. ‘Kaleidoscope’ is a promising debut release from Steven Bamidele and a testament to his exploration and curiosity in music.

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Ryan Innes’ musical journey is a tale of transformation and evolution, as he honed his craft and developed a unique artistic voice. His latest single ‘Better Man’ showcases his signature blend of soulful R&B with a vibey and chill energy that packs a fierce punch. With lyrics that challenge the traditional definition of what a better man is expected to be, Innes’ emotive vocals and heartfelt delivery make the track a standout. The second chorus is a highlight, as Innes flips the concept on its head and delivers a message of self-acceptance and self-love. ‘Better Man’ is a powerful testament to Innes’ artistry and the depths of emotion he can convey through his music.

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Houston singer Coline Creuzot’s latest R&B release, ‘Nothing’, is a powerful and confident anthem of self-worth and personal growth in the face of heartbreak. The song is infused with Creuzot’s New Orleans and Houston influences, giving it a gritty and soulful edge that perfectly complements her smooth and seductive vocals. With its catchy hook and bold lyrics, ‘Nothing’ is a triumphant declaration of independence that showcases Creuzot’s raw talent as both a singer and songwriter. The track’s immersive sonic landscape and textured production make it a must-listen for fans of contemporary R&B and soul music.

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‘The Sun’ is a captivating and uplifting tribute to Lalanne’s (pronounced luh-lawn) new home of Los Angeles. The track is a fusion of elements drawn from alt/indie-pop and 1930s jazz in order to showcase Lalanne’s unique voice and style. The song is part of a larger body of work, the Portrait LP, that takes listeners on a chronological journey through the artist’s life experiences, including the heartbreak of losing her parents at a young age and the emotional turmoil that followed. Evidently, it’s reflection of her personal growth and journey to self-love, making her an open book to her listeners. ‘The Sun’ is an inspiring and feel-good track that encourages listeners to push through new chapters and chase their dreams.

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Jahan Nostra’s ‘Bond No. 7’ is a smooth and soulful track that showcases the artist’s versatility and skill in both rapping and singing. The R&B-inspired sounds create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, drawing listeners in with its mellow groove. Nostra’s flow is effortlessly smooth, gliding over the beat with confidence and style. The addition of jazz musician Finn Wiggins-Henry on co-production and vocals adds to the track’s unique vibe, rounding out the song’s overall sonic palette. Without a doubt, ‘Bond No. 7’ is a standout track on Nostra’s Violet Skies EP.

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