Listen to ‘Crocodile’, Baby Pink’s soulful post-breakup single featuring Kieran

Baby Pink is a hotly-tipped artist from East London whose expansive sound incorporates R&B, soul, bedroom-pop and jazz through which she pours her heart and soul. The heart is definitely at the core of the British artist’s newest single ‘Crocodile’, a silky-smooth ballad that unpacks one’s emotions after a break-up.

It’s a slowly unravelling track with a tranquil production ideal for sensitively handling those sensitive post-love feelings, but what really makes this track shine is the authentic interplay between Baby Pink and Kieran’s vocals. For the most part, these two singers deliver their verses in turn, conveying the different sides of the story of a former couple, Even later in the track when these two sing together in some delicious harmonies, they don’t quite sing in unison, reflecting their ultimate incompatibility.

“‘Crocodile’ is a very personal record to me. The song was written hours after I broke up with my ex, after finding out I had been massively disrespected in the relationship. The next morning my friend Kieran and I decided to make a break up song with a slightly unconventional twist – with Kieran narrating the character of another guy who believes he could “treat you better” after hearing about the failed relationship”

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