Purple Pop: Andon feat. Brooklin Marie, Gwyn Love, The Bergamot, Two Of Us, Mergui, Matty Marz, Balcony Weekend, Joan & The Giants, & Clara Lars

In the ancient world, purple was originally the colour reserved for the imperial families of Rome, Persia and Egypt and while it’s no longer elitist, there’s still something special to be had to the red-meets-blue hue. Our Purple Pop selection showcases the most luxurious, beautiful and unmissable pop music finds for our ears to yours.

Andon’s ‘Know You Better’ is a slice of instant pop joy. It’s a highly-stylised, choreographed and well-produced track made for life’s pleasure seekers. It has all the makings of a potential chart-topper with the Jamaican star’s flawless vocals with a touch of R&B flair as he sings “to know, know you better”, which are later complimented by guest vocalist Brooklin Marie. The danceable rhythms are irresistible and by the end of this track, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear.

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Our favourite genre-crossing creator is back with summery new single ‘luv 2 the beat’, again a collaboration with producer La+ch. For this track, Love shakes off her grungey armour and embraces the a hyped-up pop demeanor that’s all about celebrating life’s highlights. That’s especially true when the track hits those bopping electro-pop dance moment with vibrant beats that perfectly match the attitude-filled vocals. It’s so interesting to hear this pop contrast to the previously featured indie tune ‘good luck rly’.

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While not strictly a pop song, The Bergamot’s single ‘Paradise’ certainly does have that radio-ready appeal and optimistic that we all look for in our pop music rotations. Their gloriously harmonic vocals paired with the inviting, folksy strings creates that kind of sonic environment that encourages the listeners to let go of all of their stresses and simply enjoy the moment. The music video is a montaged collection of live performances showing The Bergamot embracing life to its fullest.

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Two of Us is the songwriting project of friends Emanuel and Fermin who write honest and heartfelt stories without any sense of ingenuity. That’s particularly true of their recent single ‘No Place for Angels’, demonstrating the pure vulnerability of the duo’s style due to the simple acoustic guitar melody, substantial piano chords and dynamic vocals. This intimate storytelling conveys the intense-yet-fragile feelings one experiences when they set eyes upon the person that they love, which is compounded in the swelling sound that this song steadily builds up.

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Jonathan Mergui, simply known as Mergui, is a 20-year-old singer and songwriter who made his English-speaking debut early this year and now he’s following that recent success up with ‘Lie Like This’. It’s an overtly emotional indie-pop ballad set against the suitably dramatic set of a burning car wreck, itself a physical embodiment of the artist’s searing intensity. There’s an immense rawness to Mergui’s vocal performance, but it’s presented to us with a cinematic finesse due to the sleek production and multi-layered electro-pop instrumentation.

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‘UGH!’ is the sassy affirmation anthem from Los Angeles extroverted artist Matty Marz who is here to remind you that everything you need is already inside of yourself. Marz presents the wisdom of hindsight and life experience within his punchy lyrics, which strike the 80s-influenced synth-pop pulses with a determined conviction. As the song progresses, the feel-good vibes keep the momentum going whether that’s through the dulcet downtempo moments or the cacophony of electronic pop elements.

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Southern California’s Balcony Weekend is made up of two close friends and co-writing partners who cemented their join outfit during a weekend trip to San Clemente with just an acoustic guitar sitting out on an oceanfront balcony – you can see where the name came from! With ‘Imagine’, they recapture that serene ocean-front calm with the swaying melody, although it’s elevated beyond raw analog strings with the addition of sumptuous bass, laidback drums and dreamy backing vocals. Leading the way for this soulful, indie-pop serenade is the duo’s saccharine voices full of endearing charisma and earnestness.

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Another set of sweet-toned vocals that we’re currently swooning comes from Joan & The Giants, the emerging Australian songwriter who recently released her single ‘The Weekend’. Her notably youthful voice is the perfect one to convey the familiar tale of 17-year-olds running free at the weekend; this rush of movement and feeling is emphasised by energetic synths, dancing guitar strings and tumbling drums. This is one artist’s defiant rebel against the “living for the weekend” grind mentality and yet there’s no doubt that we’ve all been caught between these two states.

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Promising new artist Clara Lars is cementing her certain rise with the release of her third, striking single ‘Count, Count, Count’, a title which alludes to the song’s distinctly number-based lyrics. Accompanied by a sepia-toned music video, this indie-pop song is defined by electric guitar, synthesizer and hypnotic beats, which surround the artist’s soothing vocals. Despite being just 16-years-old, this Brooklyn local is clearly confident with the narrative she wants to portray and the result is nothing short of spell-binding. It’s clear to see why comparisons to the likes of Olivia Rodrigo and Lana Del Rey are already pouring in.

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