Indie Kids: Infinite Eights, Inky Nite, Yoshi Flower, Iamnotshane, Sgt. Splendor

You might have noticed our recent spate of blog playlists here at Purple Melon, from Five In Five to Dance Collective to Purple Pop. We’re trying our best to be as genre inclusive as possible as so for all your Indie Kids out there, this one gathers together rock, alternative, bedroom-pop, lofi and more!

Our latest installment of indie gems is starting off on a high with ‘Insecure’, the emotionally accurate and synth-motivated alternative rock track from Florida three-piece Infinite Eights. The stuttered rhythms, spiking synths and earnest vocals convey that uncontrollable anxiety of when you’re into someone who is only half-way interested back. We loved bopping around to the indie-pop beat here too.

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Another treat along to synth to rock spectrum arrives from Brighton duo Inky Nite, whose sound is defined by a melange of 80s-tinged electronic-indie-pop. Their latest single ‘Raya’ is an infectiously emotive track built around sparkling synths, punching percussion and vibrant guitars. Love is clearly at the heart of this track, a love that the duo have for their new daughter Raya.

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Making his second appearance in our Indie Kids series is Yoshi Flower, the tortured soul in the process of recovery who performs song that dig deep into our hearts. This cover of Lil Peep’s ‘Star Shopping’ is no exception to this rule. All of our attention are drawn to the words of the late rapper who sadly lost his battle with drug addiction. These poignant lyrics are sung over a bed of lofi beats and simple acoustic guitar, and they gain a whole new light in the wake of such a tragedy.

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We’re continuing our love theme with ‘Maybe My Soulmate Died’ from the talented iamnotshane, although he gives a whole new perspective through this short n bittersweet number. Driven by an elastic bass line, the artist’s mellifluous vocals pine over missed connections and sliding doors. Disillusioned with the idea of a “soulmate”, this deceptively upbeat song verges on the stage of acceptance by the end of the song.

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‘Crash Dancing’ is the engaging single from Sgt. Splendor’s newly released album, Occasions For Self-Congratulations. It incorporates elements of alternative-rock and experimental funk, with plenty of mercurial vocals and layered meanings. This five and a half minute exploration portrays a disbandment of today’s world with its “click to agree” prompts, “on the grid” existence”, and “watch the charts” obsession with numbers.

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