Bold, tenacious and utterly fearless Tremayne reveals new single ‘Daddy Issues’ ft Backxwash + Charlie Noiir

“A strong and important takeaway I want listeners to have is to not be afraid, ashamed, or too proud to vocalize and work through topics like these. A lot of shit can change and people can heal from a simple conversation”.

What a powerful premise from Toronto based Hip Hop Rap artist Tremayne! It is not everyday you encounter music with a purpose like his newest tune ‘Daddy Issues’. We are always delighted to share music from artists who’s aspiration is to challenge listeners and provoke thought beyond mainstream and commercial themes. 

In this number, Tremayne shines a light on family relationships through a vivacious blend of Toronto new wave Trap, iconic Chicago Hip Hop, and firm Metal energy. He explores a complicated and dark topic, digesting it into a feisty blow of tones. Breaking into the melodious chorus, the message is projected as an anthem and a way to encourage conversation about how parental figures delineate adulthood and growth. 

“I definitely want to highlight Backxwash as being a hero on this song as her ability to give such a confident and powerful take on her perseverance in her parental experience is inspiring”

Leaving us undoubtedly wanting more, we cannot wait to see what Tremayne has to share next.

Stream ‘Daddy Issues’ below:

“I think the concept of the collective consciousness of artists is reigning heavy. Knowing that both myself and one of the biggest rappers of my generation Kendrick chose to highlight this rarely, openly discussed topic that we notice a lot in the black community is super important to me, because it deserves a conversation” – Tremayne

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