gürl reveal new anti-pop anthem ‘Gucci Honey, Dirty Money’

It’s not often that an artist or band comes along who really represents the vernaculars different, unique or interesting. Terms such as pushing the boundaries and explorative are so often thrown around that it makes it even more exciting when someone comes along who actually embodies the true definition of these words, with the pure talent to back it up. Enter gürl. They are dramatic, they are huge, they are unexpected and they are the living representation of antipop.

The saying goes that opposites attract which is exactly the case where gürl are concerned. Having concocted their own winning recipe, they combine the best of both worlds from two completely different ends of the scales. Heavy alt rock is found side by side with pop culture lyricism, huge diva-esque choruses against explosive guitars and percussion all dusted with dynamite dynamism and screamo tinged vocals.

‘Gucci Honey, Dirty Money’ is a great big musical slap in the face, in the best way.

” ‘Gucci, Honey, Dirty Money’ is our most outrageous track yet. It is a phat anthem about constantly being told you’re not ready, that you have to wait for your dreams just a little longer again and again and again until you finally take matters into your own hands. Just like our band, the track is dangerous, it’s glam, it’s heavy, it’s camp, it’s sarcastic, it’s narcissistic, it’s ironic, and most importantly, it goes hard.– gürl

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