NNAOMI brings minimalist R&B back via questioning love song ‘In Too Deep ?’

A few years back, minimalistic R&B was all the rage, with names like RITUAL and Ayelle leading the charge with the moody, atmospheric and stripped-back renderings. For these reasons, this sub-genre will always have a place in our hearts and striking a chord with us today is NNAOMI’s questing romance track ‘In Too Deep ?’

This lingering alt-R&B number explores the unsteady ground of falling in love, in which the artist’s luxurious vocals soar across the spaced-out drum pad beats.. That unanswered question of her’s signifies an anxiety about becoming vulnerable and opening yourself up to heartbreak. What’s interesting is that the two-sided perspective of NNAOMI and her dulcet-toned other shows that we all go through a shared experience and that we can only find love if we take a chance.

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