Chalkpit Cassette Club mark debut release with The Howl & The Hum – unheard studio recordings.

In a world of digital releases and streaming sites, Independent Label, music blog and gig promoters Chalkpit Records are taking it old school. Keeping it traditional and oozing with nostalgia, they have announced the launch of their exciting new project ‘Chalkpit Cassette Club’, which as you may have guessed, offers exactly what the name suggests.

Starting with a limited release of 150 little yellow blocks of musical delight (which have now dwindled to just 4) they feature exclusive, previously unheard recordings from indie pop, alt rock quartet The Howl & The Hum.

So whilst you need to be extra quick to get your hands on this debut release, fear not, as this new imprint will continue to release exclusive physical cassettes from some of the UK’s most promising talents whilst simultaneously uncovering rare and unheard treasures from artists catalogues along the way.

With more and more of us looking forward to the next best thing digitally, from Tik Tok to NFT’s, excitingly and rather refreshingly Chalk Pit have looked back to our past and revisited a precious time in musical history, revamping a classic, this new way of thinking and in turn, offering of music is dedicated to creating incredibly special projects for fans.

If you want to be first in the know, then you can join the Cassette Club mailing list to jump the queue and get exclusive access to 24 hour pre-sales on all future releases.

If luck is on your side, you may, just may have the chance to grab one of the final four here. If not though, you can still enjoy The Howl & The Hum’s latest single below:

“We are thrilled to be launching the Chalkpit Cassette Club in August, working with artists and labels on limited edition cassette releases. The Howl and The Hum are a band doing great things in the north and we can’t wait for people to get their hands on a special collection of music.” 

“The aim of the cassette club is for people to feel and experience music physically, it is something you just can’t do with digital music. As a label we have always loved collecting music and believe digital and analogue formats need to continue to exist side by side offering different experiences and perspectives for generations to come. There is a beautiful renaissance happening for physical music and we are exciting to be part of it releasing some of our favourite artists emerging in the music scene – We have just confirmed releases with rising talent Voodoo Bandits from the Isle of Man and Volleyball form London – so there is lots in the pipelines for the cassette club.” Silas, Chalkpit

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