Female duo ELKIN release summery new single ‘Tokens’

Dreamy, light and oozing with gorgeous silky tones ‘Tokens’ is the new alt-pop bop from female duo ELKIN. Uplifting, soft and oh so sweet, this tune is feathered with smooth harmonies and peppered with vibrant beats.

The perfect end of Summer tune, the lyrics are nostalgic and detail collecting keep sakes in the form of songs, from precious memories gone by. Lush, poetic and expertly produced, this pair are an exciting new addition to the alt-pop, folk world and we can’t get enough.

“To us ‘Tokens’ is a celebration of all the memories we’ve made in our early 20s. We wanted to capture the nostalgia you feel when a song comes on and reminds you of the person who first showed it to you. This song is an homage to all the friends we’ve made along the way.” – ELKIN

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