Two worlds meet in alt-rap track ‘Blank Canvas’ from PA duo Mod10

Introducing alternative-rap duo Mod10 with their newest release ‘Blank Canvas’, which is a huge tune all about manifesting your future and seeing every route as an opportunity – hence the song’s title. Even the way that this outfit came about shows that anything is possible. Matt Kohn (a hip-hop lover and rapper from Philadelphia) and Sam Carlen (a guitar-played rock’n’roller from Scranton) found themselves running in the same circles of mutual friends, but while this didn’t seem like an obvious connection at the start, they soon began to admire each other’s creativity.

Since then, Kohn and Carlen have been busy busting out a string of earnest tracks that celebrates individual thinking and going after your dreams. ‘Black Canvas’ joins their catalogue as a standout number in which Kohn’s impressive rap flow captures your attentions immediately and Carlen’s complex production exudes professionalism.

Stream ‘Blank Canvas’ below and if you like what you hear, then do go check out their EP of the same name.

It’s about making your inner vision come to life and the various paths that can lead you there. Prioritizing money, fame, health, happiness, friends, family, in one big balancing act… if I live what I’m dreaming, that means I sleep while I’m standing.”

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