Rain Man, Pete Cho & Rebecca Brunner bring that Friday feeling with ‘Over It’

Happy Friday everyone! Does it get any better than embracing the start of the weekend by dancing along to some feel-good dance music? The answer is no, of course! We’re riding high on the big club energy of ‘Over It’ from Chicago’s Rain Main and Pete Cho, plus featured vocals from Rebecca Brunner.

Following on from Rain Man’s return earlier this year with single ‘Still Young’, this latest collaboration is a reflection on defeating a difficult period in life and a celebration of getting past a challenging year that many people have experienced due to the coronavirus pandemic. It has great energy from all three participants – Rain Man’s indomitable beats, Pete Cho’s signature sound and Rebecca Brunner’s top level vocals. This standard is what other EDM producers should be aiming for.

“It’s time for me to share all of the music I’ve been working on, I’m not just a DJ, a music producer, a guitarist, or a songwriter… I’m a musician and I’m going to get all of this art that I’ve been creating out into the world. The times of sitting on finished records that I love and want to share with people is over.” – Rain Man for EDM.com

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