UK Emcee, T! makes his long-awaited solo debut with ‘Code Red’

UK producer, rapper and songwriter T! marks his debut with the release of his first solo single ‘Code Red’.

This record is a particularly large milestone for T! who had shied away from releasing his own music for years due to anxiety and a lack of self-belief. Instead, T! turned his talents to production and built a name for himself creating beats under the mentorship of none other than Fumez the Engineer, which later led to working for renowned French artist, 1PLIKÉ140 whose album he produced, securing T! his first 1 million stream hit and the confidence to pursue his own dreams of being a recording artist.

Entirely self-written and produced, ‘Code Red’ is the perfect amalgamation of T!’s seemingly unending talents and ear for a clean, catchy hook and a bounce-filled chorus. Delivered over a lo-fi, trap-style beat, ‘Code Red’ has all the grit and undeniable cool of fellow London-based emcees such as Knucks, Loyle Carner and Octavian who all share T!’s laid-back bar delivery and penchant for melodic flows.

by Solomon Isaac Warner

“I came to the conclusion that sometimes “you just gotta
press the button”, what’s the worst that could happen?
This track is for the people who are too anxious or scared
to follow their dreams. I’ve been there and it’s a dark
place but it’s only up to the person to make those first
steps. You can only learn from it.”

Listen to T! – Code Red


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