Singer-songwriter Izzy Frances shares demo version of piano-pop ballad ‘Safety’

Many of today’s most loved songwriters found their footing off the back of a demo. Take Nilufer Yanya’s ‘Monsters Under The Bed’ demo from six years ago or Isaac Gracie’s ‘Terrified’ demo from five years back. What those artists found (and most likely to their surprise) is that listeners who stumbled across their music appreciated the opportunity to get to know these burgeoning names in their purest and most unfiltered form.

Perhaps this is why promising newcomer Izzy Frances has decided to re-issue her 2019 single ‘Safety’ as the stripped-back demo that we hear below.

Unencumbered by layers of production, mastering and mixing, this demo version allows us to her the authentic talent of the UK-based singer and songwriter on her earnest piano-based pop ballad.

“I wrote ‘Safety’ over two days with Drew Lawrence and Shani Rose in Drew’s home studio in LA. This recording was also done over those 2 days with two vocal takes and I wanted to release it as I think it really captures the raw emotion behind the song. ‘Safety’ is about being brave and being bold and embracing who you really are. Too often we hide the darkest parts of ourselves and stop ourselves from truly connecting and living. ‘Safety’ is about releasing your truth and learning to love and live fully and vibrantly.”

Check out Izzy Frances on Instagram.

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