Psych-pop outfit Novacane release the catchy, quirky summer bop ‘Bad Breath’

Psych, indie pop trio Novacane have returned with their first single of the year, the summer inducing, ridiculously catchy ‘Bad Breath’ and accompanying video. Overflowing with simple yet super satisfying melodies, ‘Bad Breath’ is unique, upbeat and an absolute bop.

The Oregon based outfit, consisting of Dylan Latimer (singer+guitarist), Oliver Lester (bassist) and Zach Clifton (drummer) originally formed in high school. Using the hardship and woe of their collective youthful disarray has provided the three friends with a lifetime’s worth of experience and continues to inspire their writing.

Punchy and poppy, yet dusted with a nostalgic haze, the vocals are a hug stand out, creating something highly authentic and incredibly exciting. A feel good tune at it’s finest, Novacane ceaselessly push the boundaries of their own artistic influence and personal vulnerability, injecting their music and songwriting with layers of meaning and an eclectic and undeniable richness of sound. 

The music video complements the vibe of the tune effortlessly, echoing the old-school sentimentality, its 80’s style colour-grading combined with the plucky rock n’roll bass line hints at endless summer days spent at the beach with friends, it manages to capture an entire feeling, one we cannot wait to wallow in on repeat.

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