Charmaine keys up her rap renaissance with vivacious video for ‘Woo!’

At the start of the month, Canada-via-Zimbabwe artist Charmaine dropped her unmissable second track ‘Woo!’, which came in the wake of support from Complex, Colors, Mixtape Madness and more. It was also just the other day that we caught the news of Charmaine being selected for SoundCloud’s class of 2021, with her breaking through as just one of nine specially selected talents.

With this in mind, the video for ‘Woo!’ (released March 25th) comes across as even more of a celebration than it already did. Much like the track’s playful, bouncing and swerving backbeat, the video is a hyped-up moment for the Toronto artist. Joined by equally beautiful black women, Charmaine’s performance is vivacious; her personality is everything!

Paired with the more R&B leaning ‘BOLD’, we’re super excited to hear what else the Hood Avant Garde EP has in store for us. WATCH THIS SPACE.

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