Chatterbox: Andreww chats dream golf partners, his creative process and teases an album on the horizon.

Hey Andreww, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Could you tell us something about yourself that nobody knows?

My dream is to play golf with Schoolboy Q!

What influences have gone into your sound recently?

Been listening to a lot of different genres and building an archive of things I want to pull from. I try and sit down a couple of hours a day and record drafts of ideas I have so when I go into the studio my producer can pick a couple and we dig in. 

What are you currently working on?

There’s 3 more singles coming out and then an album so we’re full steam ahead on all the preparation for that!

Photo by Nick Orford

What are your plans the year ahead? 

As I said there will be an album and I am already working on what comes after that!

Any top tips for getting through this difficult time?

Take it day by day and set yourself little goals. The tiniest thing can get you through the day!

Listen to Andrewws latest single, ‘Shadow Love’ & play the exclusive online video game here.

Follow Andreww on Instagram here.

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