Tiktok star Jordan Rys unveils brand new single, ‘She Want Me Bad’

Jordan Rys, a popular tik-tok star with over 1.5 million followers, continues to showcase his multi-talented nature with the new single ‘She Want Me Bad’. The pop/R&B track marks his transformation into becoming a solo artist. Jordan Rys tells a story explaining the incomparable beauty feeling of being loved by someone special. 

Jordan Rys distinctive sound feels surreal, the smooth blend of his vocal melodies combined with a warm sub-bass piano beat, is hypnotic. ‘She Want Me Bad’ is inspired by Jordan Rys’ girlfriend, Csenge Forstner.

When speaking about the track, the Tik-Tok star states:

“The song incorporates bars that can be related to anyone and gives accented lines for people to dance to. I believe this song has great potential to put a smile on people’s faces  and I can’t wait to see the reaction from all the listeners!”

Listen to Jordan Rys – ‘She Want Me Bad’


Follow Jordan Rys on: Instagram

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