Tiktok star Jordan Rys unveils brand new single, ‘She Want Me Bad’

Jordan Rys, a popular tik-tok star with over 1.5 million followers, continues to showcase his multi-talented nature with the new single ‘She Want Me Bad’. The pop/R&B track marks his transformation into becoming a solo artist. Jordan Rys tells a story explaining the incomparable beauty feeling of being loved by someone special. 

Jordan Rys distinctive sound feels surreal, the smooth blend of his vocal melodies combined with a warm sub-bass piano beat, is hypnotic. ‘She Want Me Bad’ is inspired by Jordan Rys’ girlfriend, Csenge Forstner.

When speaking about the track, the Tik-Tok star states:

“The song incorporates bars that can be related to anyone and gives accented lines for people to dance to. I believe this song has great potential to put a smile on people’s faces  and I can’t wait to see the reaction from all the listeners!”

Listen to Jordan Rys – ‘She Want Me Bad’


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One thought on “Tiktok star Jordan Rys unveils brand new single, ‘She Want Me Bad’

  1. TikTok really took the world by storm all of a sudden they gain popularity overnight and till now TikTok is still going strong, all my children are on TikTok they even sleep and wake on this app the owners must be making a shit ton of money.


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