Asha Gold proves she’s got the Midas touch with the release of her latest single, ‘Naive’

London’s Asha Gold does it again with the release of her velvety new R&B single, ‘Naive’. Having been on a steady upwards trajectory since the release of her debut single, ‘Too Good‘ back in 2019, Asha Gold seems to have the Midas touch, taking after her name and striking gold with each release, stepping into her destiny as one of the UK’s most exciting new R&B acts.

Known for her expressive songwriting, relatable lyricism and smooth vocal delivery, Asha Gold’s latest offering is sure to have fans queueing (their Spotify’s) for more as ‘Naive’ is full of the usual treats but is described by Gold as “a song full of surprises”.

Introduced by a jazzy, mood-setting piano, ‘Naive’ immediately strikes the ear with its luscious, velvety production and Gold’s distinctive, silk-strung vocals. Borrowing influences from female R&B vocalists of the past, ‘Naive’ has all the feels of a classic R&B single, with storytelling reminiscent of the likes of Brandy & Toni Braxton but with a contemporary spin on production. Written like a confession, ‘Naive’ is at its core about unrequited love; about leaving the proverbial door open for someone who won’t advance anything, left ever hopeful in the shadows as the lovelorn protagonist.

Asha Gold

“I wrote Naive with Mitch Jones at the end of our very first session. The lyrics just fell out and within an hour we had the song — the verses were almost a freestyle when I was recording them. It’s about the ultimate confusion when someone is giving you mixed signals to the point where you begin to wonder whether they’re doing the same thing with somebody else… When a situation is not progressing, efforts are not reciprocated, and it’s all talk and no action, it feels like it’s more headspace than it’s worth. 


The beat began as an 808 pattern but we felt it was too conventional, so we replaced everything with these whacky percussion samples which have become integral to my sound and its uniqueness — it’s a song full of surprises.”

Asha Gold

Listen to Asha Gold – Naive


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