ONR taps Sarah Barthel of Phantogram for his latest, angsty, alt-pop single, ‘Must Stop’

Singer-songwriter and producer Robert Shields, better known by his stage name ONR, returns with the angsty, alt-pop single, ‘Must Stop’. This track is the latest in a string of stunning and highly successful releases from the Dumfries-based musician; his previous single, ‘Kill TV’ featured the legendary American guitarist Nile Rodgers as well drumming from Chris Wood of Bastille.

Now, tapping Sarah Barthel of Phantogram for ‘Must Stop’, ONR delivers yet another captivating vocal performance over a plucky bassline, impactful percussion and warped and warbling synth lines. His raspy, woe-filled voice tentatively tells the tale of a hopeless romantic who just can’t help falling in love. Throughout ‘Must Stop’ ONR’s impassioned vocals beautifully intertwine with Sarah Barthel’s in a melodic call-and-response filled with echoing lyrics and subtly reverbed vocals. Her voice compliments his perfectly as they repeat the same lyrics from male and female perspectives ONR’s debut album is set to be released early this year with all signs pointing to some incredible features with some amazing, secret guests.

Listen to ONR ft. Sarah Barthel – Must Stop


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