Annabel Allum launches first in series of ‘Lockdown Sessions’ with ‘Standing In The Way of Control’.

An ode to her icons, Annabel Allum has found a new creative outlet in order to keep busy throughout the periods of lockdown. A series of explorative episodes, Annabel set off to bring a new vision to well loved and favourite tunes from some of her inspirations, thus ‘Lockdown Sessions’ was born.

First in this series see’s Annabel take on Gossips ‘Standing In The Way of Control’ which is now accompanied by an gritty live video to further bring life to her unique rendition. Blending and blurring the sturdy lines between Indie, Pop and perhaps most interestingly, the post-punk revival, Annabel tackles some of music’s most memorable alt tracks and transforms them, leaving them renewed, yet exposed to reveal their deeper meanings.

Effortlessly cool, yet equally as vulnerable, this performance in particular lays bare her incredible songwriting capabilities. A deep thumping bass begins the tune before you are wrapped up and carried away in her ethereal yet charismatic vocals which guide you not only through her subliminal thoughts, but leave you pondering and deep within your own.

“Standing In The Way Of Control. What a song and little did I know back then that it could mean more to me now. An anthem that would diffuse the steam from my furious “why do I have to be queer” teenage years, and a synergious moment when Beth Ditto asks me onto her EU/UK tour in 2017.” – Annabel Allum

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