Will Wallace reveals his debut EDM banger, ‘Greenlight’ ft. Rachelle Rhienne

What better way to get our hearts pumping after all the sedentary laziness of over six months spent indoors than with some blood pumping, ear-splitting EDM? Here with the remedy to all our quarantine blues is Will Wallace and his incredible debut single and video for, ‘Greenlight’ featuring Rachelle Rhienne.

Before the national Covid-19 lockdown, Will, much like many other musicians, was out and about touring the country playing live gigs and DJing until a global pandemic came around and ruined all the fun. Luckily, on his many travels, Will serendipitously encountered Scottish singer-songwriter and pianist, Rachelle Rhienne, the pair got to talking and soon began putting plans in motion for a collaboration. A few weeks of lockdown later and the final product was put together, ‘Greenlight’ an EDM banger and a complete overhaul of the original, relatively mellow pop track by Rachelle Rhienne.

The brand new, shiny remix is a wonderful fist-pumping, temperature raising reimagining of the original piece. Will injects the track with up-tempo rhythms, pulsating synths and electronic sounds filled with all the necessary power and energy of classic EDM. The accompanying music video for Will Wallace’s ‘Greenlight’ also adds an additional layer of fun and intrigue to his debut offering that many are sure to love.

Will Wallace – Greenlight – Official Music Video

Directed by Jeremie Brivet and Jai Garcha, the video tells the story of a gang of escaped OAP’s wreaking havoc on their local community following the leaking of an EDM track which seems to cause ‘dancing mania’. An absolutely ridiculous storyline but an incredibly fitting one nonetheless.

Filmed, rather appropriately on a drag race track somewhere out in the British countryside, the video is the perfect backdrop to the pedal to the metal sounds of ‘Greenlight’. The suspenseful build of 808 drums as the racers gear up, the glimpses of Will’s impressive setup as he expertly commands the decks and of course, the epic beat drop just as the race begins all make for a truly entertaining and ear-catching debut single and video. Judging by his first release and the creativity and ingenuity he’s displayed so far, London’s Will Wallace is definitely one to watch.


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