Theo Kandel reveals volume 3 of his ‘Love & Other Complaints’ series – ‘Around The Bend’ & ‘Little Shifts’

New York native, now Nashville living Theo Kandel has certainly been busy of late. Having released a series of double releases over the past few months, he now adds volume 3 to the mix, consisting of ‘Around The Bend’ and ‘Little Shifts’, all of which come under his ‘Love & Other Complaints’ project.

Volume 1 saw Theo delve into an electro-folk synthesis, then along came Volume 2 which emanated a roots-folk feeling; now in Volume 3, he kick starts the energy and takes it up a notch into the realms of indie-rock and pop. Sitting rather comfortably on more than 1.5 million streams on Spotify, Theo is set up for a continually successful year ahead.

“I wanted to figure out ways to make my sad thoughts happy again.” – Theo Kandel.


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