DJ Skyscream drops the invigorating ‘Ven Ya’.

DJ Skyscream has returned and this time he presents the electrifying ‘Ven Ya’. The Canadian based DJ, is known for creating music that ticks numerous boxes, but in this new release he focuses on a blend of bouncy Latin based beats which is certainly a welcome and spicy addition.

Having started DJing at the tender age of twelve, it is through this consistent practice that he discovered a love for Dancehall, R&B, EDM, Pop, Rap and Grime music. Getting inspo from the legends such as Michael Jackson, Prince and Avicii to name but a few, Skyscream manages to perfectly mix and beautifully balance his influences within his songwriting. Interestingly ‘Ven Ya’ is also a nod to his Caribbean roots which emanates throughout the tune.

‘Ven ya is my first Latin release, it’s something that is very special to me because I’ve been trying to be open with different music styles. I wanted to release this for the summer of 2020 as something new and fresh by me.’ – Skyscream.


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